Monday, March 8, 2010

Just a happy fangirl on her bday :D

This is a random post, simply just to show my fangirl-ness haha

As some of you may know or may not know, I'm quite a huge fangirl of Korea's Girlgroup SNSD (Girls' Genertation) & Kara.

Nicole of Kara has a twitter and I managed to catch her on twitter today (9th March, My birthday) and I managed to get her to tweet me back and Happy birthday!

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SO YAY! I'm a happy fangirl! :D

Thankyou Nicole and all the other wonderful people in my life who wished me a happy birthday!


  1. happy belated birthday! i just found your blog and i love your product reviews! looking forward to more.. yay :]

  2. oh that is pretty awesome :] if i could ever get one of DBSK to wish me happy birthday, i'd cry LOL not really but i'd be very happpyyyy ^^ & Happy birthday the other day!