Saturday, July 5, 2014

Call Me Cashmere

Leather jacket from, Turtleneck dress from Uniqlo, Senso boots

Hello everyone, it's been a while :P

Just wanted to share you guys one of my favourite winter essential right now! It is freezing here in Adelaide and I've found so much use for this Uniqlo Turtleneck Cashmere dress! I love that you can easily dress it up with some heels, or dress it down and wear it during the day with some ankle boots and a biker leather jacket to roughen up the look a bit!

Uniqlo was kind enough to give you guys, my blog readers a 20% off discount code! Just enter "Cathy62011BL" at check out to receive the discount! Uniqlo has some really good basics and winter essentials so do check it out at:

Sunday, May 5, 2013

Buddha Birthday Festival

Buddha Birthday Festival
The Parklands, South Bank Stanley Street South Bank, 4101 QLD
Brisbane river and night lights @ South Bank

Chanel Boutique @ Queens Plaza

Ahmet's Licensed Turkish Restaurant
10/164 Grey St, South Brisbane QLD 4101

Hello all,
I never made a public announcement on my blog, however for the last month I have been residing in Brisbane! I moved up her to study a short Flight Attending course and thus far, have been loving it so much! It's been a hectic 4 weeks but it is flying by! I can't believe within 2.5 weeks, I would be done with my course! :(

Anyway, moving to Brisbane alone was very hard, esp in the friends and family department. I for one, don't have any relatives here and very little friends here! Thankfully I had met Aileen over Instagram (lol) and I met up with her on the first week I arrived her! She's uber gorgeous and nice and showed me around the city! Fast-forward 3 weeks later, we met up again last night (Saturday, May 4th) and had dinner and walked around South Bank where we went and walked around the Buddha Festival that was held. I've never heard of this Buddha Fest as it's not held in Adelaide (lol... Typical). Felt so tourist-y and Asian walking around and taking photos HAHA!

I awkwardly asked Aileen to quickly snap a photo of my outfit, haha sigh, life of a blogger. Thankfully she already knew about all my blogging shindig so she didn't mind :P

I will try to upload more outfit photos! It's a bit tricky at the moment seeing as I'm here alone! 
Maybe I'll update more frequently about the last few weeks I have left here? Would any of you like to read/see photos about that? :)


Thursday, March 28, 2013

Zhivago TV: S01E12 - The Depot, Fork on the Road & Damn the Man

As the Adelaide Fringe frenzy comes to a close, join ZTV as we get the most out of the last day at 'The Depot' and enjoy all the tastes and treats from 'Fork on the Road' and 'Damn the Man' markets. Catch up with the winner of Ten's 'MasterChef All Stars' Callum Hann, Simon Bryant from ABC's 'Cook and the Chef', The creator of 'The Depot', 'Fork on the Road, 'Damn the Man' 'Burger Theory' and a whole swag of other's!

Cathy x

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Romwe Galaxy Souvenirs Exclusive!

Romwe is offering some cute galaxy as souvenirs (pretty much, gift with purchase!) Don't miss out!

Romwe Galaxy Souvenirs & Upto 70% OFF for you this Easter:
Galaxy bowtie for orders over $40
Galaxy collar for orders over $70
Galaxy bag for orders over $100
From 27/03/2013 to 29/03/2013

Will have a proper outfit post soon I promise! x


Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Sporty Chic

Skirt, Barkins t-shirt, Sportsgirl leather cap, Gorman socks & Rubi sneakers

Photos by Mikaela

I'm one of those girls who can never justify buying basics (plain t-shirts, sweaters etc.). Sure, I know that it's a basic piece but for whatever reason it is, I can never ever justify paying $10 (which, let me tell you is very cheap lol) for a plain t-shirt. I will somehow tell myself that $10 for a t-shirt is expensive and walk away from the rack. However, ever since I picked up this t-shirt at Barkins a week ago, mind you it was on sale! For $10 LOL, during my break from work (lol, shopping during my break - typical female trait!) I have been wearing it with everything! I finally understand that a basic white t-shirt really works with every piece of my wardrobe! I wore this top so much that I bought two, and was wearing it for like 2 or 3 days straight haha.. Awks for the people who bumped into me those 2-3 days straight, probably thought I had no clothes! :P

I paired this t-shirt with this skirt I randomly bought one day, also when I was on my break haha at some random store- which I apologise I can no longer remember what or where it was... 
Anyhow, topped this whole outfit off with my favorite cap of the moment from Sportsgirl and some sneakers cause I've been way too darn lazy to trot around in heels/anything remotely not flat on the ground! When I walked out the door, my friend said to me I looked like a golf player and that she has never seen me.. this sporty - ever. 

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Black and White Heart

 White blouse from Ebay, Mink Pink Leather Skirt, Jodys Wool Cardigan (borrowed), Betts boots and Gorman socks.

Photos by Jody and Mikaela 

Recently, the weather has been quite chilly, which is strange since it's in the middle of summer here in Australia! But hey, whatever I'm not complaining, I (most of the time) hate summer anyway! 

I wore this to The Lipton Ice Tea Virgin Cocktails Summer Exhibition Tour which was held by PedestriansTV at RocketBar Rooftop (I love that place!) So glad I went, it was a great event full of free food and I got to meet some great people! I also got to see a lot of people with great fashion sense! I love seeing what other people wear and how they piece things together, it's just all so interesting. 

We got to try all the new summer limited edition ice teas, which I'll blog more about in my next blog post! 

The weather was weird that day, it was sunny, but strangely breezy! I love this wool cardigan which belongs to Jody from Silkybow so I asked her to borrow it when I took her home so she could get ready! Thanks Jody hehe :)

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Cat Me(ow)!

JAG Anorak, Sportsgirl Dress, Romwe Cat Beanie, Gorman Socks, Thrifted Booties 

Hello everyone!
Just a quick and simple outfit I wore last night to a catchup with my girlfriends :) The weather has been quite chilly lately even though it's summer here in down under where I live, but hey, I am definitely not complaining! I've had my fair share of hot weather already, and I am ready for the fall to grace us! Only one more month to go! 

This is a really old dress, I bought this possibly maybe, 2 years ago! Wore it once and got over how.. Girly it was? Whatever the reason was, I put it behind me and took it out again and someone made it less girly and more.. me. I guess the cat beanie and the anorak gave it a bit more edge which was just what I needed! 

Thanks for reading!