Wednesday, July 7, 2010

All about the Nude lips! + Lipstick recommendations!

Hello everyone!

I kept my promise XD hehe..

So, today's post is just going to be about how to go about with "nude" lips. I know nude lips are very popular, especially with Asian skin tone, nude lips can look very nice, or very odd. So the aim of this post today, is to help you find which nude lipstick suits you, what brand is worth getting, and the texture and quality of the lipstick overall.

One of the reasons why I'm blogging about Nude lipsticks in particular is because, it's always the safest choice to start off with. Not many people start off with wearing pink/red or even purple lipsticks. Most people perfer to start off with nude because it's easist to pull off and it's not too weird for them. Pinks and reds on the other hand can be very burdensome for a person who isn't use to wearing lipsticks.

So just an overview of all the nude lipsticks I own,

lipstick 1
L-R: Revlons - Soft Nude, Gosh - Darling, NYX - Summer Love, MAC - Freckle Tone, Revlon Nude Attitude, Maybelline - Sand, Rimmel - Nude Delight, Etude House - Colour Me Nude Lip Concealer

And here are swatches on my hand :)

It's in the same order as the name of the lipsticks from up there ^ hehe :)

So in order for me to compare them and show you how they look on the lips, I did swatches of all the lipsticks on my lips haha

NOTE: Just to make it clear... I got the half lip swatch idea from Catalina so all credits goes to her :)

So starting off in the same order as the lipsticks, first up is Revlon Soft Nude from their Colourburst line.

Revlon Soft Nude

So from the swatch, you see that it's very creamy and the pigmentation is very nice. The lippie itself is very moisturizing, so thats a plus! It definitely doesn't dry out your lips. The colour is a very true nude. The nude colour is slightly on the wamer side , so it gives off a slight orange tinge, but I personally like that. It's not too light so it doesn't wash out your complexion. So my rating on this is 9/10. The reason why I give it such a high point is because, not only is the texture of the lipstick itself great, the packaging is also, very sleek and pretty. So I really, really do recommend it :) The price for this lippie is from what I remember, $21.95AUD @ Priceline. Prices differ from shops to shops but Revlon lippies are always in the $20 mark. Boo. I told ya Revlon is expenso!

The next one in line is GOSH Darling. GOSH from what I know, is a brand based in the UK? Am I right? O_O But whatevers, haha

Gosh Darling

From the swatch above, you can see that the Darling lipstick is a very true nude also, however, it is more on the cool side. So, therefore it has a slight pink tinge to it. It is veryyyy pretty, and extremely creamy! It's so creamy that it sometimes slides around my lips. :S lol. However, this lipstick is one of those lipstick that has great payoff in pigmentation. However... it has this awful awful smell (to me) that is so awful, that I can't bare wearing the lipstick for the whole day :( A lot of people I know got over the smell pretty fast but I guess... I has a stubborn nose? LOL One bad thing about this lippie is that if you lips are dry and flacky, this lippie will excentuate the flackyness more. So yeah. But anyway, my rating for this lippie is 7/10. You guessed it, the low rating because of the smell, but IF i put the smell aside, this lippie is deff on the same level on Soft Nude, a 9/10! The price for this was I think.. $13-18AUD? Sorry I can't remember. I got it off Ebay though.. Cause haha obviously I'm not from the UK and we don't carry it here in Australia... Cause it's Australia. Lol

Next on the list is... *drums roll* Nyx - Summer love! Yay, one of my favourites!

NYX Summer Love

Nyx lipsticks are really great for their price. They retail for about... I think 3 or 4USD and their colour range is very, very big. From reds, to pink, to purple, to corals! They have everything! So it is no big suprise that they of course, have nudes! The only nudeish colour I own is Summer Love, and honestly it is one of my favourite! The colour compliments my skin tone very very well (I am a NC20-25). As you can see, Summer Love has a pink undertone so it isn't a true nude. However, just like Gosh Darling, it has that... white cast-y colour so it reduces the nude-ness out of it... If that makes any sense? :S >.< aigo. Fail at explaining ahhaa. Anyway, althought the colour and pigmentation of this lippie is very good, the staying power kind of sucks. They don't last that long so if you want your lips to be this colour throughout the whole day, you'll have to carry it around in your bag and re-apply it. So my ratings for this lippy is 7/10. I got this NYX lippie on for $4.94AUD. However in stores such as Gloss, and Groove I thinkt hey are around $6-7.95AUD

Next on the list is Macs Freckle-Tone. I'm not sure if this particular lippie from MAC is well known but I don't think it is. MAC's well known nude lippie is Cream De' Nude. lol.

MAC Freckle-tone

So judging from the swatch, Freckle-Tone is glossy looking and also creamy. Haha all the lipsticks so far looks creamy huh? XD Anyway, The finish of this lipstick is a Creamsheen, so it is quite sheer. However, it is very buildable. It's not one of those lipsticks where if you keep building it's going to get messy and blah. This lippie has a orange undertone to it so it more towards the warm side rather than cool. So I think this colour will look nice on both pale and darker complextion. I love the texture of this as it's creamy and moisturising! *thumbs up*. I give it a 8/10. The price for this lol, since it's MAC it is $35AUD.

Next is Revlons Nude Attitude. One of their very famous nude lipsticks.... *looks around...*

Revlon Nude Attitude

Honestly, If I could, I would say "the picture says it all!" Look at how drying it looks T_T I don't know if it's just mine in particular but my Nude Attitude sucks! It's drying, and isn't moisturising at all. And the fact that it is a matte finish, it doesn't help with the moisturising part. The lippie sinks into the lines on your lip and looks really gross. I hate it :( However, the colour once again, is most towards the orange undertone so it has a more warm look. But it isn't as warm looking as MAC's Freckle-Tone. I hate the packaging. The lid is very hard to close and if you're not careful, the lid will not close properly and will dry out the lipstick. I think that is what most likely happened to mine.. *sigh. I'm very sad about this as I've always heard good reviews about Nude Attitude.. I guess it just wasn't meant to be lol. So my rating for this lippie is 5/10 :( Such a dissappointing score. Aiyahh.. The price for this is a total rip off. Revlon in Australia is extremely expensive, it shouldn't even be considered a drug-store brand considering how expensive it is. But I think this lipstick retailed for $21-22.95AUD at any ... store like Target, Kmart, Priceline and Big W.

Next is Maybelline's Sand lipstick.

Maybelline sand

You can already see from the swatch that the lipstick is sheer. Theres really nothing special or spectacular about this lippie. I think I just picked it up because I was in like a nude lippie phase and just got everything that looked okay on my lips and dubbed it as a nude LOL. Anyway, this lipstick is sheer, so it doesn't give any coverage. It's not moisturising, and sortve gritty on the lips. The lipstick sinks into the lines and cracks of your lips. Ew >.< And the lipstick is also on the shimmery/metalic side. Not cool :( Urgh, and the packaging is poor. It looks cheap and feels cheap.. boo. My ratings = 4.5/10
I honestly don't know the price for this -_-

Next on the list is Rimmels Nude Delight! Yay! Probably my very favourite!

Rimmel Nude Delight

I probably have a bit of biasness towards this lipstick as this was the very first nude lipstick that I bought and was very satisfied with. Haha, but I'll try and not let that get in the way of me being honest about what I think of this lipstick :)

Anyway, Rimmel, Rimmel, Rimmel.. haha I really love this lipstick. The colour is once again, on the orange/warm tone side. And it is a little more orange compared to Revlons Soft Nude. However, because my skintone is cool, it compliments my skin very well. The colour doesn't wash me out. The lipstick has a glossy finish which is very beautiful! It is also very creamy and moisturising. The packaging is also very pretty and well made. The purple is very different and it stands out in your lipstick collection! I love it! My rating for this lippie is 9.5/10!!!
The price for this lippie is I THINK, $14.95?AUD @ Priceline, but when it's on sale, it goes down to like $10AUD! Catch it on sale! It's a bargin!

And last but not least is Etude House Colour me nude lip concealer!

Etude house lip concealer swatch

LOL It's nude alright! And it is deffinately nude! The camera flash kind of wash the colour out and gave it a slight pink under tone but in real life, this lippie is nude. Like.. skin colour nude. It's amazing. This is deffinately a colour for people who want the TOTALLY nude, washed out - nude lips. This is what you need. It is basically.. wearing foundation on your lips! Thats how freaking nude it is! Haha. It is VERRRRY creamy, so after you apply this, I recommend you to blot your lips so that it doesn't smear!

But as you can see, the colour does fall into the cracks of your lips, but if you set the lipstick with a nice gloss, that will fix the problem :) I went through a phrase where I would only wear this lippie for a while because I was obsessed with obtaining nude lips! Haha. My rating for this is 8.5/10 for the product itself, but if I include packaging, the rating will be brought down to 7/10. The packaging is very cheap looking and feeling. It is like .. a plastic stick. LOL It's pink though ;)
This lipstick can be purchased at any Etude House store (I think? They should be. I don't have a Etude House store anywhere near me :() Or on ebay. I got mine on Ebay for around $6AUD incld. shipping. :)

All in all, the two lipsticks that I really and truely recommend is Revlons Soft Nude and Rimmels Nude Delight!

And that is it! I hope that this blog post was helpful to you'se who are starting out with lipsticks or are just simply looking for a nice nude lipstick. Honestly, lipsticks are great and can really change how you look. So if you ask me, I would say, after getting use to lipstick itself, venture out and try brighter and bolder lipsticks! It's really fun! ^^

I hope you like this post! I know it's long.. but.. I wanted to put everything I know/thought of the lipstick to help you as much as possible! Yeah, Cool? XD

Cathy. xoxox


  1. Thanks for posting! It's really helpful! Now, I know what to buy ^^

  2. i really like the fourth one on you! so pretty! great blog

    enter my giveaway to win a See by Chloe purse if you like sweetie! xxx

  3. i was really into nude up until a few years back but i found that it tended to wash me out so i opt for colours nowadays

  4. I LOVE nude lipsticks too :D Just bought Soft Nude a couple of days ago and I LOVE it so far! I really like the colour of Nude Attitude but as you said, the formula is too dry :(

  5. I still love Nude delight the most. It is probably the best drugstore nude lipstick =)!

  6. Hey. Im sure Gosh is used in the UK too, but it's a Danish brand. Hehe, Danish pride here : ))

    Btw. Nice swatches, this really helps a lot giving an idea when choosing a nude lipstick.

  7. where did u buy your rimmel nude delight?

  8. Thanks for a very helpful review, surprisingly I decided to go with Nude Attitude; it is a little dry but it gives the most yellow undertone which I need!

  9. Thank you so much for the detailed comparison. My Revlon Nude Attitude is not as dry but now I am going to try Rimmel since it is obviously more moisturizing.

  10. I have the Gosh Darling, and i love it! I am Danish and i am pretty sure Gosh is a Danish brand! <3

  11. Maybelline-Sand & Rimmel-Nude Delight are the best in my opinion, I think they would work great with most skin tones. The last one is too nude, almost white...very unpleasant! Revlon-Nude Attitude looks too dry, I agree with you. Plus, it looks more like a liquid foundation than a lipstick. The rest are ok, just ok. Maybelline-Sand is the best, it's nude yet gives the lips a moist, glossy finish and a tiny bit of color, just enough to make the lips look more natural & alive!! Thx so much for sharing, I'm definitely looking into the two I liked the most. ^_^