Monday, July 26, 2010

Welcome to the family!

Hello everyone! :)

This post is most of just outlining some of the recent products I've gotten since my last haul. Of course I've gotten more but I only included the stuff I though was necessary to show you guys ^^

I hope you guys enjoy :D

Here's the family shot :D Sooo pretty! Hehehe


Starting off with the Inglot stuff, I got the pre-made eyeshadow palette which is $25. A VERY good deal of 8 very pigmented, good quality eyeshadows! I also got 5 lip glosses. They were on sale so they were $7 each. Inglot lip glosses normally retail for $20 each :)

Inglot 2

Swatches of the glosses.

Inglot glosses swatch

The glosses are very nice. They aren't SUPER pigmented, which is a good thing to me as.. Well they are glosses, not lipstick. So to me, they don't need to have a very pigmented payoff. A lot of the glosses are glitter base, however, the glitters aren't big and chuncky. So that means theres no gritty-ness on the lips! Which is awsome! I love these glosses! They last SO SO SO soooo long!

Now for the shadows! They are SO pigmented. To be honest, I may even like the quality of the shadows better than MAC shadows. They are a lot more soft and easier to blend!

Inglot 1

and for the swatches!

Inglot Shadow swatches

Super pretty and pigmented! And these swatches were swatched ONCE. See how pigmented they are?! LOL

Okay, next are my NARS products! I love NARS, but because it's so freaking expensive over here, and also because I don't have ANY NARS counter in my state, it's hard to get my hands on it. But after watching Rae, a friend of mine and also a beauty youtube guru use it, and she told me how much she loved it, I KNEW I had to get it! It was so so worth my $70. And yes, I paid $70 for the multiple! EXPENSIVE RIGHT?! I cried. But whatever. I REALLY love the multiple! It was worth every penny I spent. I honestly would spend another $70 just to back-up on it, but I can't find it on eBay anymore T_T" Sighs. Anyway, lol got a little off-track. Along with the Cadaques multiple, I also got the famous Turkish Delight lip gloss :)

Here's a family photo :D


Nars swatch

It's a really pretty baby pink :)

Okay, my other VERY exciting product that I got my hands on are the Tom Ford Lipsticks! Those of you who don't know Tom Ford, it's ok. I never knew anything about him untill I found out about these lipsticks... But pretty much what you need to know is that he is a very highly regarded fashion designer :D

Anyway, Rae (again, I swear I make it seem like I'm obsessed with her or something LOL. I'm not. I'm very good friends with her ^___^) RAVED, AND RAVE, AND RAVED about these lipsticks that I REALLLYY wanted to get it. She was nice enough to do some order-taking on her blog for her international viewers so I took advantage of it and ordered myself TWO of the lipsticks. Rae is no longer taking orders, however fear not as the Tom Ford lipsticks are now in stores at David Jones :D (I actually went out to get another lipstick, but I will blog about that in my next post :D). These lipsticks are probably.. THE most expensive lipsticks I've purchased in my life. Retailing at $65 for ONE. But it's so worth it. The texture and packaging! (I'm like.. a packaging WHORE lol!) is just so so so SLEEK! It screams high class and I LOVE it! Here are some pictures and swatches!

Here's how the lipstick looks on the outside, the inside... Everything!!

Tom Ford

I got mine in Pink Dusk & Blush Nude :)

Tom Ford swatches

Here's a pictures of my bare lips, just so you guys can use it as a reference ^^


Pink Dusk:

Tom Ford Pink Dusk

The colour is a very beautiful warm pink, with slight nude undertones. It's a very beautiful colour!

Blush Nude:

Tom Ford Blush Nude

It's a creamy, beige-y, pink-y nude. Very pretty and compliments my skin tone very well!

Okay, now going onto a haul that is porbably the biggest one I got from the same brand, Missha.

Hopefully you guys are familliar with Missha, but if not, here's what I know. Missha is a Korean Domestic brand. It is a 'drugstore' brand, and the prices for the products are very cheap. Yeah very crappy explaining but yah lol.

Here's what I got from Missha

First off, I got some lipsticks from them! I love their lipsticks. The quality is smooth and nice. And cheap. ^_^ The colours are also VERY pretty.

Missha lippies

Starting off with the Lucid Tints, here are swatches on my lips :)

Because they are tints, they apply very sheer. Enough to just give you a flush of colours on your lips! It's very pretty! I love the shiny, slippery texture. It is very moisturising on my lips. Because the texture is very sheer and light, it doesn't make my lips feel like it's been dehydrated for a week or so like some lipsticks do because they are so creamy.

Starting off with OR01:

Missha OR01

It is a lovely orange-y, coral-y colour. I'm not a coral lip or cheek person, but this lippie looks very nice on me. It doesn't make me look.. what I call "weird". Haha

Swatches of PK01:

Missha PK01

PK01 gives a very nice sheen of pink to your lips. Very pretty and girly. It kinds of just emphasize the colours of your lips and brings out a nice glow of pink to your lips.


Missha PK02

PK02 and PK01 is VERY similar in the stick and when swatched on the hand. However when it's on the lips, PK02 is darker.

Now for the Luminous Colour Lip Rouge swatches.


Missha CR309

Once again, it's a corally orange. Very nice on the lips, and quite bright. Still deciding of it looks nice on me or not haha.


Missha PK107

A very cool pink shade. Has a blue undertone. It's very bright, kind of like a bubble gum pink.

And the last item I got from Missha is the BB Boomer. It's very similar to MAC's Strobe cream. It has a pink sheen to it. Apparently it's a good BB cream primer.. Mmm.. I'll have to see. So far all the BB creams I've tried has failed on me. Miserably! -_-

Missha BB Boomer

And that's it to this post!

Untill next time ^_^

Cathy. xoxo


  1. lucid tint lipsticks are extremely pretty!

  2. Your swatches are amazing! Such pretty lips ;) And I wish Blogger wouldn't degrade the quality of my photos when I post.. I don't know how to fix the problem!

  3. Those Missha lipsticks are beautiful and the Inglot pallet is gorgeous. I have trouble finding purple eyeshadows that actually look purple on your eyes and those look nicely pigmented.

  4. The Missha lipsticks are so lovely. i want those!

  5. great post and amazing swatches =)
    i'm so impressed with the inglot eyeshadows ~ will definitely check them out. thanks ^_^

  6. Jennifer: Yes! They ARE! So so shiny and pretty looking! I love them! I bought more! Haha

    Rae: Hiiii babe! XD Pretty lips? I think my lips are fat T_T" LOL And I showed you how you can fix the problem, hope you get use to it ;)

    jterap: Inglot shadows are very well made and pigmented for their price! Def worth taking a look at!

    petitechouxx: They are! I would really reccomend them if you can get your hands on them!

    faye lu: Yes yes, check them out! They hardly ever dissapoint me! :)

  7. woow!
    the Tom Ford lippies are pretty looking :)
    im also a sucker for packaging
    im a little curious, don't mind me asking and i don't mean to be rude but how'd you get your hands on all these highend products?
    especially on a school girl budget!

    hahu pretty impressive

  8. kimyen: School girl budget or not, I just save my money. lol. So I eat food I bring from home and save the money my parents give me to spend at school. I also get money given to me randomly by my parents so yeh. LOL oh, and also centerlink :)

  9. Omgosh $70?? Ebay sellers are so unfair sometimes ><
    Hehe I just love hauls and seeing the new boxes all lying there together. You got all lovely things.

  10. OR01 Missha lippie tint looks very elegant with your lips love it (^_^)

  11. omg. those missha tints look super gorgeous on you!
    they look moisturizing too! :D
    new follower! ;) followed you here from rae & catalina's beauty channels :D you're so cute!

  12. I LOVE both the TomFord's lipstick!!! But the price is CRAZY though!

    Where did you get these InGlot products? Do they sell it in DJ or MYER?

  13. Natalie: I know, ebay sellers can rip you off but thats what you get for wanting it so much ahaha

    Anonymous: aww thankyou ^^

    Coco: aw yay! Hi girl ^^ And yes! they are VERY moisturizing! I love it! haha

    Adeline: I know the prices are T_T but I love it so much I got backups! LOL :P And as for Inglot... They should have their own store. Myers or Dj's doesn't carry it.

  14. The Missha Lucid Tints are super nice. What a great post, girl! This has so many products I want haha. The Inglot eyeshadow palette is super gorgeous, definitely worth every penny. Now you got me start looking where I can get it in the States. Nice blog :D:D I just followed you here and on twitter, and subscribed to your yt channel haha everything. You are too cute!