Thursday, September 9, 2010

Hair dying the Bubbly way!

Hello everyone!

I dyed my hair today! :D Here's the video of the whole process!

LOL Cool right? hehe. I've always wanted to try this ever since I saw the CF (Commercial Film) for this! It was super duper cute!

Hahaha, isn't it adorable? :P I finally managed to get my hands on one. And suprise! I didn't buy it online. LOL I got a little ripped off but it's okay. For you Adelaideians, Kawaii Fashion in China town has a bunch of Japanese stuff. It's your best bet for Japanese cosmetics accessories or whatever! I paid $22.95AUD for this. Not that bad considering western brands like L'oreal etc. are around $18.95ish AUD so yeh. If you get it online, it's cheaper by a few bucks!

Here are two places I know you can get online:\

Ok, I know in the video I said I don't know what colour I got, but after some research, I found out I had purchase Chiffon Beige! :) Hope that helps!

Okay, I'm a total dumbass. I forgot to take pictures of my hair before I dyed it! I was way to nervous and excited to even think! LOL But um you guys can refer to my older pictures and videos :D Lets just say, very bad re-growths and grey hairs!

So here are some pictures of my hair while I was waiting around :P


And so the results are:


Sigh I failed to capture the true colour... It looks more like this in real life:


But less green and more brown? LOL

Anyway, I'll prob update this once I manage to get a good shot of my hair colour :D

Goodnight y'all!

Cathy. xoxo


  1. the color turned out so pretty on you!
    i did try this hair dye a while ago. i think i bought the purple-muavey color. i'm not sure but it didn't work on me! >:( at first my hair did turn a bit red but it got washed off within a week! then later my hair turned orange instead! i was so confused T_T but i'm glad it worked on you ! :D

    - Coco

  2. nice cathy!
    Now we both have light hair, though I don't really like mine XD I think it's too light/ orangey for my liking hehe.
    Well done for dying your hair :D!

  3. Awww lighter hair suits you so much!=)
    It's a beautiful shade!♥

  4. @Jen: thanks love :D

    @Coco: Aw, I tend not to wash my hair for like a day after i dye my hair. That way the hair dye can stay on longer. But I'm sorry it didn't work for you ><

    @Jody: LOL I kind of like the light hair. a change :D I like your light hair!

    @Ji: Thankyou! <3

  5. very pretty! =) it's a really nice shade of brown ^0^

  6. Is this a permanent or semi-permanent hair dye?

  7. @Robin: Thankyou! ^^

    @Annon: It's permanent:)