Wednesday, October 13, 2010

MAC Tartan Collection!

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Hello everybody!

MAC's Tartan collection is one to look forward to! I'm not sure if you guys have notice, but lately, none of MAC's collection has captured my attention. Not even the Venemous Villains who everyone seems to be crazy about has me interested. I haven't bought anything from MAC or any of MAC's collection since.. In the groove! 2-3 months ago! Haha I'm kind of proud of myself! :P

Anyway, the Tartan collection that has yet to be release, has me stalking it already! I've talked to my MAC girl, and she told me it will be out on the 1st of November.. And guess what else is on that day... MY FIRST EXAM! Damn. I think everything will sold out be the time I get there :( I am however thinking of dropping by MAC before my exam since my exam doesn't start till 1.30pm. BUT I highly doubt that would happen. Bleh.

I'm not sure what date the collection is to be release else where, 1st of Nov is just for Australia.. I think. :S

Anyway, what I really like about this collection is that everything is in.. well packs! And the packaging is not TACKY!! which seems to be the issue with the Venemous Villains collectiong (In my opinion). So I am very eagerly looking forward to this collection!!

I am mainly interested in the blushers! I am a huge blush fan so hehehe. :P I really like the bag that the brushes come in too! I just can't wait to check this collection out once it's in stores!

Soo.. what I want to know is that... Are you guys are excited about this collection as I am? What do you guys look forward to the most?! What do you guys plan on getting? What are you guys lusting over?! Please let me know via the comments!! ^_^

Anyway~ This is it!

I'll speak to you all soon ^_^

Cat!! oxox


  1. You can't imagine how looking forward to this collection I's been on my sight for about 3 months and there's nothing that will make me not buy something of it.

    I also want one of the blush kits and I'm thinking about one of the lip kits too...Would it be too much? Don't think so! xD

  2. whoa looks cool
    you reckon the packaging will be real tartan fabric on top? haha thatd be pretty awesome

  3. OMG...I am so looking forward to the blush and bronzer in this collection. The brush sets are pretty too! Can't wait..

  4. wow, it looks nice ;o much better than the villians collection which i def. don't like ~

  5. i like this collection
    come check out my giveaway


  6. Andrea: That's def not too much to ask for :P I am really excited for this collection and I won't be surprised if i over purchase this collection! Haha i love the bag of the brush sets!

    Tezza: I have no idea if there is going to be real tartan fabric on it, I think not though. Cause then if it gets wet or whatever, it won't be very good! lol

    Charming Vanity: I agree! The blush colours look soo good!

    Robin: I agree. I hate the tacky packaging of the villains collection!

    Shan: The collection indeed is nice!

  7. I want the brush sets! :O Must. Save. Money. T_T

  8. ohhhhhhhh thanks for sharing!~ can't wait!~ the colours in this collection look really wearable =)
    completely agree, i haven't brought anything since "to the beach collection". nothing in the feline on venomous villain has tickled my fancy. good luck with your first exam xo

  9. i LOVE tartan, it's so cool, it's going on my christmas list!