Monday, April 23, 2012

See-through Teal Lace

 Top by milk&honey, Maxi skirt from local boutique, Accessories from eQip, Jeffery Campbell Tardys

Just an outfit post on what I wore on the weekend, when Jody and I went to see the Circus Royale. Prior to that though, we had lunch at Brunellis, a nice Italian cafe that serves quite delicious pastas! As we entered the circus, we both felt quite familiar with the settings and at the same time we said "I think I've been to this circus as a kid" haha. It was quite funny and cute at the same time. It felt nice to go back to see something you saw as a kid! The show was pretty good, very children orientated. The animal acts were my personal favorite! Pretty sure Jody loved the animal acts as well, as we both couldn't stop gushing at how cute the animals were! 



  1. Loving the skirt!
    And your shoes!

  2. Is that the Alexander Wang bag? It looks awesome with your outfit I love it!

  3. I dream of having a wardrobe like yours. You look beautiful. Love the outfit :p

  4. What an amazing skirt! The colour is just gorgeous.
    Haha you and Jody - too cute! I want to go to a circusssss!!

  5. Your skirt is gorgeouss!
    I see a few of those around but I doubt I'd be able to pull it off ;A;! But mm ..that pasta.

  6. Oh what a lovely skirt! I bought a lace top from Dotti the other day that is that exact blue & has a cute little peter pan collar. You'd love it, it's such a similar lace to your skirt :) Nice pics! I love finding new Aussie blogs :)

    xx S

  7. Oh such a great outfit. I love love love your maxi skirt. I´m so addicted to skirts like that. Really nice outfit.
    Love J.

  8. great outfit, the colour is amazing! <3
    found your blog through your youtube channel, love your haul vids! :)

  9. I have the JC Tardy's as well! Aren't they just sooo comfy ^^
    And I'm so in love with your bucket bag, your style is amazing!

  10. your maxi skirt! is soooo beautiful!