Sunday, October 28, 2012

Perfect PJs – Top Fashion Trends

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Perfect PJs – Top Fashion Trends

This summer has seen the pyjama trend step out of the bedroom and onto the
catwalk and with every woman loving to snuggle down in comfy nightwear now and
again, this is great news.


The most important aspect to consider when investing in a pair of pyjamas is comfort. All-in-ones are proving to be a big hit this season and as such, come in a wide range of styles and fits. Many reality TV shows have showcased a variety of individuals sporting the all-in-one. Some choose to wear such an ensemble both at home and whilst out and about. Anyone that wishes to follow suit should think about investing in a smarter style, especially if they intend to wear the onesie in public – even it is only for a fancy dress party!


The style of nightwear we opt for generally varies with the seasons. For example, a shorts and t-shirt ensemble might be best in summer, whilst winter months require something more substantial.

Adult onesies or all in ones generally come in the shape of sleep suits, similar to the ones worn by babies. Such a sleep style is a great option for camping in the cooler months, as it covers your entire body. They can also be useful when undertaking water sports like kayaking, as they can be worn under the wet suit.


There are many nightwear options designed to be attractive, including babydoll styles, negligees, nightgowns, nightshirts and loose fitting, two-piece garments. Your boyfriend’s shirt is another popular option that can look both comfortable and sexy. Best to leave his dirty old football shirts in the laundry though!

Other nightwear garments often come in the shape of t-shirts, tank tops, sweatpants and gym shorts. The beauty of sleepwear is the fact that it doesn’t have to match; such an ensemble is more about comfort, warmth and cosiness with appearances coming second. The great thing about pyjamas is how they turn the rules of attractive clothing on their head and defy all usual fashion conventions.


For those who prefer a more elegant style, staying chic in the bedroom is not the chore it used to be, with a range of options available for every taste. Many of these nightwear creations boast on-trend hues and stylish prints with comfort and sophistication guaranteed. Regardless of whether you opt for a fun-loving onesie or a loose, sensuous nightgown, you can guarantee to find an ensemble to suit every occasion and mood.