Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Galaxy Alley

Just Jeans Denim Chambray, Galaxy Dress, Jeffrey Campbell Clinic Stud Booties, Michael Kors Watch, Accessories by Sportsgirl

Hello readers!! Happy 2013! I hope the new year so far has treated you well! Just a quick recap on what I did on New Years, I spent NYE at work from 9-5.30 and then I went to a friends house, who pretty much lives on a farm for a house party! New years day was spent at Goolwa beach cockling which resulted in a mad crazy swimsuit tanline... 

This it what I wore just tonight, when I went out with Jody from Silkybow to Rocketbar Rooftop as they have this event every Wednesday where, up on their rooftop, they screen a movie and serve food and drinks! It's a really cute and fun event that has a really nice atmosphere too! Tonight, they played Alice in Wonderland, and honestly I never thought of it, but I've never, ever seen that cartoon ever! Even as a kid... I don't know what I was doing but I'm glad I never saw it as a child, seeing it as an adult and I still didn't really get what the cartoon was about haha! 

Clearly, I'm still digging the whole galaxy print, I think it's just soo pretty! I paired this dress down by adding a denim chambray over the top + my JC Clinic wedges (which was a purchase from the Black Friday sales)! I don't know how Jeffrey Campbell does it, but all his shoes are oh so comfortable! 


  1. Those JC Clinic Wedges look wonderful! Gotta love Jeffrey Campbell's platforms/heels/wedges :). Have you seen their kitten heels though? Not a fan of those x(

  2. love the look! The white JC Clinics go so well with the shade of your hair, I don't really know how to explain why, haha. As usual, your hair always looks perfect too :P

    I hope you had a good new years and best wishes for the rest of 2013 to come!

  3. i love the galaxy printed dress! it is beautiful!
    I really like the pieces you styled it with too!

    <3 jen