Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Black and White Heart

 White blouse from Ebay, Mink Pink Leather Skirt, Jodys Wool Cardigan (borrowed), Betts boots and Gorman socks.

Photos by Jody and Mikaela 

Recently, the weather has been quite chilly, which is strange since it's in the middle of summer here in Australia! But hey, whatever I'm not complaining, I (most of the time) hate summer anyway! 

I wore this to The Lipton Ice Tea Virgin Cocktails Summer Exhibition Tour which was held by PedestriansTV at RocketBar Rooftop (I love that place!) So glad I went, it was a great event full of free food and I got to meet some great people! I also got to see a lot of people with great fashion sense! I love seeing what other people wear and how they piece things together, it's just all so interesting. 

We got to try all the new summer limited edition ice teas, which I'll blog more about in my next blog post! 

The weather was weird that day, it was sunny, but strangely breezy! I love this wool cardigan which belongs to Jody from Silkybow so I asked her to borrow it when I took her home so she could get ready! Thanks Jody hehe :)

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