Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Sporty Chic

Skirt, Barkins t-shirt, Sportsgirl leather cap, Gorman socks & Rubi sneakers

Photos by Mikaela

I'm one of those girls who can never justify buying basics (plain t-shirts, sweaters etc.). Sure, I know that it's a basic piece but for whatever reason it is, I can never ever justify paying $10 (which, let me tell you is very cheap lol) for a plain t-shirt. I will somehow tell myself that $10 for a t-shirt is expensive and walk away from the rack. However, ever since I picked up this t-shirt at Barkins a week ago, mind you it was on sale! For $10 LOL, during my break from work (lol, shopping during my break - typical female trait!) I have been wearing it with everything! I finally understand that a basic white t-shirt really works with every piece of my wardrobe! I wore this top so much that I bought two, and was wearing it for like 2 or 3 days straight haha.. Awks for the people who bumped into me those 2-3 days straight, probably thought I had no clothes! :P

I paired this t-shirt with this skirt I randomly bought one day, also when I was on my break haha at some random store- which I apologise I can no longer remember what or where it was... 
Anyhow, topped this whole outfit off with my favorite cap of the moment from Sportsgirl and some sneakers cause I've been way too darn lazy to trot around in heels/anything remotely not flat on the ground! When I walked out the door, my friend said to me I looked like a golf player and that she has never seen me.. this sporty - ever. 


  1. Yea, I can never war basic v- neck shirts but you really topped it off super well! You made it look quite elegant but simple (:

  2. Basics are fantastic! Glad you're getting into them.

    lo and behold

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