Thursday, January 21, 2010

Mini MAC haul!

Hi everyone! So this is my very first haul! yay! Haha
Everyone knows what a haul is so I'm just going to move along right into this point of this post!

So a few days back I went to the MAC counter in Myer and I saw that they had a new collection out. Mind me, I haven't been to town a lot these holidays so I was a bit behind on the updates haha but beside from that, the collections that was out was Love Lace and Warm & Cozy.
The warm and cozy collection is quite old now as it has been out since around Chirstmas time. Anyway, I managed to pick out a few items that I thought was nice. Actually that's a lie, all the items in both collections were drool worthy and if I had all the money in the world, I would have gotten every single item LOL. But I don't so.. haha

Anyway, I didn't snag any deals lol from the love lace collection but I bought some products from the warm & cozy collection. Swatches are provided =)

I managed to get:

1 eyeshadow
1 Mineral Skin Finish (MSF)
from the Warm & Cozy collection and the rest are regular permanent products from MAC =)

1 technakohl liner
1 paintpot (my very first one~ yayy)

I also dropped into Priceline and picked up two liquid liners from drug-store brand Prestige ^^

So here are the swatches

Family Shot

gah~ so pretty ahaha

Eyeshadows...~! I got one shadow from warm & cosy and it's called "Modelette" The colour is a satin nude.. mmm.. more of a browny nude? ahha and yeah thats pretty much it. Can't explain in anymore detail than that ahha

(click to enlarge)

I had to swatch this a few times for it to show up on camera. But it's quite pigmented so I really like it. Great for doing soft natural looks~ =)

TBH I got a paint pot... for no particular reason at all. Haha! I just wanted to try it out and see how good it is of a base as I hear youtube gurus raving about paint pots all the times haha
I was going to get rubenesque, which is a goldy base paint pot or my other option was bare study, which is like a beigey-white base. However, the girl said that its better to start off with something that doesn't show up as much because rubenesque will always have the gold undertone to it so yeh. ahah Bare study paint pot it is ;)

(click on image to enlarge)

Ok then I got MAC's limited MSF in "By Candlelight". The reason as to why I bought this particular MSF is in hope that it could replace my dear MSF, Perfect Topping. Which was from another limited collection back in 2009 LOL. sigh as soon as I got home, I dropped my perfect topping MSF on the ground.... And thats the end of that LOL so yeah. By Candlelight is the closest to Perfect Topping as of now. bleh heres the product and the swatch =)

(click on image)

Now onto the liners.
The one i got at MAC is just a normal black twist up one. So it's not those pencil type ones where you have to sharpen it when it goes blunt. Mine is called Graphblack. I heard these are good for waterlines.... So since I wear a lot of my eyeliner on my tightline (top waterline) so yeh.. just had to get it ahha

And lastly the two drug-store liquid liners. These are amazing! If you're looking for a cheap but good liquid liner that lasts a long time without smearing, then go and get yourself a Prestige liquid liner! They're .. I think 12 bucks! and they work like a babe! love it. love it love it!
I got a one in Black/Brown (thats the name, now two colours lol) and the other is Azure which is a navy blue. I plan on getting every colour slowly ahah! The colour range is quite nice. They even have like a maroon colour one too =)

And I'll just finish off with a picture of "OFOTD" which stands for Outfit of the day HAHA if you guys think I should update OFOTD in every (or most) post I put up than post a comment below ^^

Jeans: Sportsgirls $30
Jacket: Bardot $30
Top: Valley Girl $24.95
Heels: Nikki Fashion $29.95
Necklace: Diva $5
Bracelet: Betsy Johnson $49.95

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