Saturday, February 6, 2010

January Favs!

Hi girls!

So.. since I'm tired from reading my text books, so whats better than blogging right? I needed a break from all the book reading anyway XD

So now that we're in Febuary now, I thought I would blog about all the makeup products that I've been using a lot in the month of January.
Okay, so I know it's already the 7th of Feb, so this blog is very delayed... But it's better than never right? ^^

So first off..

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I recently have become very in love with my Dior Diorshow mascara. When I first purchased it, I didn't like it after a few uses because it kept smudging and I thought it was the mascara but it wasn't. Instead it was the eyeliner that I was using. haha So I gave this mascara another chance, and oh my! It works like a dream! This particular mascara actually holds my curls and lengthens my lashes!! Not many of my mascaras actually hold my curls. My other ones either holds my curls or just lengthens not both! So I'm really in love with this mascara atm. Oh! and also the brush/wand of this mascara is really bigggggg! it's huge! ahaha I really like it though. The wand is even bigger than Dejavu's Fiberwig. Those of you'se who owe the fiber wig should know how big the wand is compared to other mascaras.
The only downfull of this product is that it's expensive. (><)Image and video hosting by TinyPic

In my opinion, Dandelion has got to be one of Benefits best blushes. I love this blush to bits! This blush was the first blush I ever purchased and I've loved it from the very beginning. To me, this blush is my HG. It works with every look and is such a beautiful light pink colour. It gives you this very angelic glow on your cheeks! It's so innocent! I love it. I went though a phase where I didn't touch this blush at all for nearly half a year last year because... well I sort of forgot how beautiful the colour was since I was always using other blushes and purchasing other blushes. But yeh, this colour is very subtle. I use it for school everyday because it has that natural glow to it. This product is a product that I will purchase over and over again, thats how much I love it. Though it's a tad on the pricey side since Benefit products prices are very jacked up over here in Australia bleh~

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I've always been into the whole white bristles angled brush for my blushes, I don't know why really. I think it's just the way I like to do my blush happens to work best with angled brushes. As for the white bristles, I have no explaination for that. Haha so yeh. I really like this brush because the bristles are really soft and the brush is full. The size is just right aswell. So I like this brush a lot. I use it for all my blushes, excluding cream blushes of course ^^

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As for eyeliners, my current favs is Lancome's le crayon khol. I think Lancome cosmetic is one of the best out there, and especially their eyeliners and mascaras are love! I like this liner, and the one I have is in brown. This eyeliner works particularly well on the waterline so I really like that because when I go to school, I tend to only tightline (the top waterline) and line my bottom waterline. And this one stays on all day. Though once again, Lancome is on the pricey side... So yeh.

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This foundation is ah-maz-zing! I love this foundation a lot! The coverage is awsome and it smells so good! ahaha I think the thing I love the most about this foundation is the smell. I'm not even going to try and explain what the smell smells like because I'm going to fail miserably. Haha the smell is just really nice. It's like some.. flower or something ahha. The staying power of this foundation is quite good. I wear it to school and when I come home in the afternoon, it's still there. So I give this a thumbs up XD My colour is the number '21'. The downfall of this product is that you can only purchase in it in Korea and the shade selection isn't very big. I think it has like 3 shades? Haha. I got mine from a survey on soompi forums =)

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The beauty blender~ ahaha you guys are probably like wtf is this?! ahaha it's a foundation sponge =) ahaha in an egg shape! XD So you're probably wondering whats so good about this sponge? ahaha the special thing about this sponge is that it expands when you wet it. You can use it dry or wet, I perfer using it wet as it adds moist to my face while im applying my foundation. This sponge can only be used with liquid foundation, if you use it wit a creme lmfao, it'll eat up your product. The downful of this product is that it does eat a lot of your product so when you pump out your foundation, you have to pump a little extra hehe

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Ever since... erm maybe mid last year, I've been using Clinque's 3 step skin care pack as they said I was oily skin type so since then, I've been using their skincare products and haven't change because it has worked so well for me, so well that it has sort've dried out my skin. I've recently realised that my skins been drying out and having dry patches on certain places of my face. It was plesant. Long before I started using Clinque 3 step, I used Ganier green skin care line, but after they discontiuned the moisturiser, (I'm still annoyed about it) I tried a lot of different skin care products but none really suited my skin untill clinque, and now that clinque is starting to dry me out and I still have heaps of the products left, so its a waste of money if i bin it. When I saw this product ont he shelves of Big W, i grabbed it without a heartbeat because it reminded it so much of my old garnier moisturiser. Im really glad I did because this moisturiser works great for me. the formula had a more thicker feel to the clinque one but it doesnt feel greasy. Love!

Thats all for now people! I'm really sorry for not posting regularly as I'm really busy with a lot of school work because I am now in yr 12. there's lots of work to be done~~

Cathy. xoxo


  1. I haven't ever dried Dandelion...I love blush and am always looking for new products. merci for the info.

  2. How do you like the Hera HD foundation? I'm thinking of buying that... Does it really give full coverage?

  3. the HD foundation gives great coverage. its a full coverage and the foundation doesnt feel cakey. i really love it. its like my fav foundation haha

  4. Hm... I'll think some more. I was thinking of getting the MUFE or the new Revlon PhotoReady foundation that everyone's talking about but I want something from Korea... How much did you pay for it? (Oh and what's your skintype -- oily or dry? And do you know your MAC foundation shade?)

  5. my MAC shade is between NC20 & NC25
    hehe and my skin type is oily ish skin. this foundation works well for me and also gives me full coverage, however, i dont suffer frmo acne or anything so i dont have much scars on my face so yeh. but ive seena makeup guru on youtube use this foundation and she has acne and it works fine for her so yeh. i dont have the MUFE HD foundation so i dont how it compares to it. Instead of the PhotoReady founadtion, i have the colourstay one, which i loveee also haah

    and as for price, i think i got it for around 50ish AUD including shipping. i get it for a soompi survery, the person is LeN. just ask her to do a personal order and she will ^^

  6. ooh I love dejavu fiberwig, it's the only thing that works for me D: