Tuesday, February 16, 2010

A very quick update ♥

it's been a while since I've last updated hehe sorry for not blogging more often. It's just that I haven't had time to sit down and make a tutorial properly.

Anyways, first off, HAPPY LAST VALENTINES DAYS EVERYONE! and also Happy Lunar New Years! wooo! It's the year of the tiger *roar* haha

-- Edit.

I know this is late. lmfao. I started typing this up a few days before valentines day and lunar new year, hence why it started off witht he weird intro x) but then I couldn't finish this post so I've put it on hold untill.. well now. ahaha

Anyway.. My blogging pattern isn't very consistant anymore as school is kicking my butt T_T" I'm super tired and I have stacks of homework... Which is just getting bigger and bigger! grr.

So since it's the weekend, I thought I'd post a quick update.

Theres not much that I think I want to say... mm
I'll have a tutorial up soon, I promise, it's just cause I've been at school lately so I don't have a place to wear all the makeup to and yeh. And wearing coloured makeup to school is a no no, plus it's against the school rules hahaha

In the next few days or so ill have either a review post up or a tutorial up. crosses fingers!

Just to finish off this post.. mm and so that it's not pictureless, ill upload a photo from recently ^^

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^ i was trying the makeup tut that was posted up on Catalina's blog ( aha. it's a really simple look but it looks really nice!

Oh! and also, I've finally created a account! so please follow me ^^

follow! follow! and follow my blog also ;)

Bye everyone!

Cathy. xox


  1. You look cute! :) What eye tutorial was it? I can't tell the colors from the pic. :x

    P.S. Followed you on Twitter! About time Cathy! :P

  2. Hey Iris, thanks for following me on twitter. haha i know right? took my long enough! lol

    and it the tut is named under "the jessica makeup" ahah on her blog ^^ yeh i know, stupid laptop webcam sucky quality!