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February Favs!

Hi girls!

So its the time of the month again where I blog about my Febuary favs! For those of you'se who don't know what monthly favs is about its just where gurus or any makeup lovers just blog/vlog about the products they used a lot throughout the month at the beginning of the month. So for example it's now march but im blogging about my feb favs. The reason behind this is you get a month to trial out the products to see if you love/like it or not, then you report it at the beginning of the next month ;) clear? not really? then um yeh lol!

Anywho lets get started!

So as for face products, I've been using Missha Pore Minimizing first base.

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I use this as a face primer before I put on my foundation. I don't use this all over the face though, I would only use this product in areas that is like uneven or bumpy, because this will smooth it all out and create a smooth canvas for you to apply your foundation. The smell of the base is really refreshing too!

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Another face primer I've been using is Benefits That Gal's primer. This primer is so moisturising its amazing. I only use this primer on my forehead because lately my forehead area has been so dry. The good thing about this primer is that it can be worn ONTOP of your makeup. So even if you already have foundation on, you can still use this primer. haha This primer gives you this beautiful glow. It makes you look really awake. I love it ♥

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Missha's B.B Cream! Stands for Blemish Balm. The one I use is M Perfect Cover BB cream. Its like a foudantion/tinted moisturiser. I wear this to school on some days where I feel that my skin isn't in it's best condition. Since this is meant to help the skin recover from any blemishes and pimples, its great on days where I can feel that pimples are going to pop up anytime soon. I'm preventing the pimples, which this ^^ The coverage for this bb cream is amazing too! It gives you a medium coverage. *two thumbs up*

Now moving onto eyes... mmm

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Starting off with eyebrows, I normally use lancome's eyebrow pencil in taupe, but lately I've been using my Etude House Perfect Brow Kit. This was actually my first brow product so I'm glad I'm back to using it again. I like this brow kit because it has two colours, dark brown and light brown. This way, you can match it with your hair colour more easily :)

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Next is Nyx Jumbo Eyeshadow pencils. They are basically eyeshadows, in a cream format, and in a stick. LOL these babies are awesome! The colours are pigmented and they blend extremely well. The colour variety is massive too. Theres not much I'd prob can say about these besides that theyre really really creamy! haha

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Now for mascara, I've been realllllllly loving L'Oreal's Telescopic Explosion mascara! This is the dupe for Givenchy Phenomen' Eyes Mascara. This mascara is quite amazing. ahaha I it lengthens my lashes and what amazes me is that it doesn't clump! This is a really big bonus because a lot of drug store mascaras tend to clump depending on which ones. So I really like this =) The wand is also small so its great for getting into the inner corners of your lashes.

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As for blush, I've been using my NYX poweder blush in peach every day this whole month! The colour is freakishly beautiful! Its a peachy baby pink and it just gives my face a really nice and soft glow. I have quite white skin with a warn undertone and this blush brings out my girlyness. It's amazing ♥

I did have some repeats this month so I'm not going to go into detail of those same products, but I'll list them

Hera's HD Foundation
Lancome's le crayon khol
and my beauty blender!

This is all for now, goodnight my loves ♥

Cathy. xoxo

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