Monday, February 22, 2010

Oh! Chocolate Sweetness.. look

Hi people!

As promised, I am back with a tutorial. This tutorial was inpired by my lastest colour obession. Brown and pink. I know it sounds weird, but they go together really well! ahah So this tutorial is based on those two colours.

Without any further ado.. we shall start!

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Missha the style Perfect Concealer - Light Beige
Revlon Colorstay stay natural makeup foundation
MAC MSF - Medium Natural
MAC MSF - By Candlelight..
NYX Blush - PB 06 Rose

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NYX eyeshadow - Princess Pink
NYX 5 Colour Shadow - I Dream of ST. Marteen
NYX Jumbo Eyeshadow Pencel - Ice Mocha
L'oreal Telescopic Explosion Mascara
Lancome's le crayon khol - Brown
Twoface Shadow Insurance

Maybeline colorsensational lipstick - pink please
Lancome juicy tube

First start of by priming your eyelids. I used my Twofaced shadow insurance.

Now using NYX princess pink eyeshadow I'm going to pat it on my lid starting from the inner corner for my eyes.

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it should look somewhat like this

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I drew arrows there to indicate that you can feather out the pink outwards. This creates a softer edge, which will make it easier to blend out later =) Also, in order to get the pink brighter, continue to pat more eyeshadow onto your lid untill you are satisfied with the amount of pink.

Now using a brown from the NYX 5 colour shadow pallete - labeled as '2'

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Pat the shadow in the middle of the lid (area shown below)

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It should know look like this

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So obviously, the brown is a lot lighter than the pink as we intensified the pink alot, so now we have two option, one; keep on packing on the brown like you did with the pink or two; using a jumbo shadow pencil (NYX Iced Mocha) to intensify the brown. I used the second method but if you have the jumbo eyeshadow pencil, just stick to the first method. Either way will work.

Now using NYX's Ice Mocha jumbo pencil, gently dab the shadow onto the eyelid where the brown is. Then using your ring finger, gently blend out the harsh edges. The warmth from your fingers will help break down the cream shadow making it easier to blend.

After applying the jumbo pencils a few time, you should see that the colour is a lot darker and intenses now.

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Notice how darker the brown is now? =)

Now all u have to do is blend out the harsh edges where the pink and brown meets.
After you have finishing blending using a brown (black if that suits you better) tightling your waterline. Bottom and top.

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Then using the eyeliner pencil (if you're using gel liner, thats also fine) darken the outer v (area shown below)

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Curl your lashes & coat them a few times with mascara, apply some blush and a light pink lippie and you're done!

Yay! haha

I hope you enjoyed this tutorial ^^




  1. I think the brown would have been a bit bolder if you did the jumbo pencil and then brown eyeshadow. But the outcome looks amazing so who am I to say that? XD

  2. vivian: thanks hun ^^

    Iris: Yeah! haha I was doing it half way then I realised that I could've done the jumbo pencil first but alwell. Hahah I did one eye first than did the other as the tutorial so it would be unbalnced in colour if I changed the method ahaha

  3. ohhh beautifulllll!

  4. can i request a look?

    i have a swollen nose, how do i make it look slimmer?