Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Etude House Eyeshadow Reviews!

Hi everyone! ^^

I recently placed an order for some Etude House eyeshadows. For those of you'se who don't know what Etude House is, it's a Korean makeup cosmetic/skin care brand. It's really well known for it's cute, pretty, pink, girly, princessy looking packaging! Etude House is mainly aimed at high schoolers/teenagers as their price is very cheap (Korean price) is Also, they're really well known for how they decorate their store! Haha! Yes, you read right, their store! It's like.. heavenly pink!! LOL Here, I'll show you some pictures!

credit: naver, soompi

Pretty crazy eh? And yeh, apparently in some stores, they really!! do have the beds and stuff! I mean, what the heck! It's crazy cute yet so overwhelming with pink! Haha, the depressing part is that I think it's pretty than my room T_T hehe

Anyway, back to the review, I got 5 shadows. They are mainly neutral colours :) It's just easier to test out a product if you get it in neutral shades instead of bright fun colours imo, that way if the product doesn't turn out to be what you expected, you can still make some use of it. Haha, anyway, here are some pictures and swatches!

L-R: BR301, BR304, WH702, BL504, BR302

BR= Browns
WH= Whites
BL= Blues


So as you can see in the photos, the eyeshadows gives of a very shimmery affect. I had to swatch the shadows like... 3 times to get it to show up on the photos. So that pretty much tells you how sheer they are in real life. However, the shimmery affect is VERY pretty for those of you who like shimmery shadows. The texture of the shadows aren't chalky and there isn't a lot of fall outs. This is a very good thing as shimmery shadows tends to have fall outs (the glitters) so it's a good point.
However though, if you don't like shimmery shadows, then these shadows aren't for you.

The eyeshadows also has really really REALLY cute detailing on the shadow it.


These shadows are 3,000KRW so they are approx. $3.00AUD without shipping. So they are surely cheap. If you try and find these on ebay, I think they are a little more expensive but thats just how it goes. Things are more expensive once they are taken out of their country. Lol.

Overall, I think these shadows are great for beginners as it's really cheap and will do what a beginner would want it to do. However, if you're a professional make up artist, I don't think these will be a good choice. Sure, they are cheap but you can pay a little more an get a better brand + better quality. However, all shadows are the same, pigmentation varies from colours to colours. There may be some other colours in this range that may be more pigmented than the ones I picked out. So in the end, it's really up to you. If you're extremely curious as to how these shadows perform, then you can just purchase it. I mean the price is cheap so there is no harm haha, plus cute packaging is a girls weakness yeh? ;)

So overall, my ratings are:

Packaging: ♦♦♦
Pigmentation: ♦♦
Price: ♦♦♦♦♦

Oh and another thing, I've made a formspring! haha so ask me whatever you're curious, or just simply talk to me :D

Thats all for now!

Cathy. xoxo


  1. haha somehow some of the images reminds me of Sues! :P

  2. I love the drawings on the wall in the store @__@ like the mirror one!

  3. cuteee!! i loves etude house! where did you get their products from?

  4. I Love ETUDE House!!! :)

    Your Blog looks cute too!!

    Much love,
    Enchi :3