Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Urban Outfitters first order!

Hi all :)

This is just a quick little blog type entry. Nothing special at all really but! I've placed an order for Urban Outfitters! Sure, to people who reside in America and is reading my blog, you guys are probably be like.. So? LOL! But I'll be honest. Placing this order for UF is really special since we don't have the store here (along with topshop, forever21, yada yada yada) so it's exciting for me XD

But just to show you guys what I got hehe

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I'll of course be sure to update when the dresses come! Super excited!!
I can't wait till they come to my door step whee!!

That is all. Hehe

Cathy. xoxox

PS. Ask me questions on formspring :)

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  1. Cute onepieces there. That's too bad you have to order them from overseas to get them. I'm sure that makes them more expensive. :-)