Sunday, August 29, 2010

Missha Creamy Matte Lip Rouge Review

Hi all!

Here's my review on the Missha Creamy Lip Rouge :)

As promised here are pictures and swatches :)

L-R: Dear Rose, Chic Lavender, Baby Milk & Fanta Dream

L-R: Chic Lavender, Dear Rose, Baby Milk & Fanta Dream

I will edit this post and upload lip swatches soon! :)

EDIT 1: I forgot to post where I got these from -_-

Anyways, I get mine through a website forum called So you have to be a registered member to be able to look through the forum. But registering doesn't take long!

I buy mine from a seller called LeN. She is located in Korea and can get basically any brand in Korea, so even if you aren't interested in Missha, but are interested in another Korean brand (such as Etude House, Laneige etc.) She will be able to purchase them for you! I have bought MANY MANY times from her and she always fulfills my request! She also ships world wide! So it's awsome! I get all my Korean cosmetics from her, hehe

So here is the link to her shop on the forum

She does surveys on other Korean sites such as fashion, makeup accessories and so forth! I hope this helps you!

If you do decide to order from her, tell her that I (Cathy) referred you there so she knows. Since I've talked to her about and have got her approval and she is willing to take orders for my blog readers and Youtube subscribers! ^_^

Also, if my US readers and viewers, you can get Missha directly from their MisshaUS site!

Cathy xox


  1. absolutely love the Chic Lavender, it must be mine!

  2. hi where did u get these gorgeous lippies? n at how much? they look so yummy.. nice pinks!

  3. Andrea: Chic Lavender is a perfect dupe for MAC's Snob lipstick!

    Anon: Hey! Sorry, I edited my post with where you can purchase these now :D

  4. wants dear how it looks.

  5. whoa, I had no idea missha had a us site I could order from! cool thanks! I will check it out!

    btw your blue top is soo cute!

  6. have you got your lip swatches there dear?
    i'm really interested in purchasing a few :)