Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Review: EOS Adult Brown Circle Lens

Hi all! :)

Here is my review on the EOS Adult Brown Lenses (the old design/series not the new designs/series). Thanks to my sponsor Mukuchu!! They sent me these lenses for me to review!

And guess what? :D I'm glad to report.. I LOVE THE ADULT BROWNS. Why? Well I'll tell you why. lol

I'm a really big fan of natural lenses. Simply because circle lenses look weird on me in my opinion. I feel that my eye are too small for them so when I wear lenses with the black rim around them, I find that my eyes look weirdly big with.. barely any white space. And it looks like my eyes are boldging(?) out of my sockets. So I prefer more natural circle lenses. So kind of like color lenses. Hence why GEO Tri-color (aka AngelColor World series) series are my favorite. However, that was before I tried the EOS Adult series.


Here are some pictures comparing my natural eye with the Adult Browns.
Note: All photos were taken with flash. But the brown in the photo is very true to natural lighting too.


You can see that the Adult browns have a purple rim/ring around it so it is A LOT softer than black rims. This helps create the natural effect of the lenses. Also, the enlargement is only subtle. So it isn't so over the top. Which is just how I like it. :D


As you can see, the lenses give off this really pretty natural effect to the eyes. And the purple rim just makes it so subtle and unique! I love it! The pattern of the lenses are so pretty too. They are so comfy too! So much more comfortable than my Tri-Color ones! They don't dry out as fast :)

You know what else is unique about these lenses?

When you flip them inside out (so like the other way) THEY ARE GREY!!! LOL I never knew this until I wore them on the wrong way and was like WTF HAPPENED? Did Mukuchu send me two different lenses or something?! But then it turns out, it was just flipped the other way.


Crazy eh?! Haha it's so cool. And a good thing is that the grey side isn't THAT uncomfortable. It's pretty comfortable :)

Here's a comparison with my natural eye.


You can see that there is some enlargement going on ;)


The grey is creepy grey. Actually I think it's actually kind of beautiful. It's like... Ice.. Ice grey.. haha I really like it :D

I like these lenses. Honestly. It's like two in one LOL. But obviously the brown is more of the purpose. :P

Here's a full face shot of me wearing the Adult Browns :D


The price for these lens @ Mukuchu is $29AUD or $24USD. Really decent!

So my verdict for these lens are:

Colour: 10/10
Comfort: 9/10
Pricing: 8/10
Enlargement: 8/10 (The enlargement is just enough for me, any bigger and it would probably score lower from me lol)

If you're interested in purchasing these lenses, please go to

This site is really good for Australians because they are based in Australia. So you get your lens in like 3 working days! Or sometimes even a day! :P

That's it for now! I hope you enjoyed/liked this review :D

Cathy xoxo


  1. ooh i requested these lenses and now i'm super looking forward to trying them on :D

    thanks heaps for the review! i would be like wtf if i saw the grey on my eyes xD the grey is so pretty anyway

    they're so lovely <3

  2. @Jen, You're going to love them! I love them!

    @Adrea: it's the same pair of lenses :D:D

  3. Nice! I need to buy some new solution LOL. it has expired ages ago but lazy me... can't even be bothered to get them.

    Oh and I bought my mirror from MG! I want another mirror that's a bit bigger though >_>"~

  4. Oooh those are nice =)
    Even when they're just sitting in the solution, they look cool !
    And that's kind of trippy having grey on the other side xD

  5. these look great on you! I've been lemming this color!

  6. you lashes look short, clumpy and spidery here

  7. browns and greys! i've been looking for them from aussie sellers..! they look great on you! im a big fan of natural lenses too..the dark black rim ones are too much for me.

  8. You look lovely, as usual! Your hair is perfection.. did you use an iron? Okay, I'm going to REALLY shower now LOL Talk to you on Skype when I get back <3

  9. @Anon: aww really? I kind of like them this though? mm. Maybe it doesn't suit the eye makeup I'm wearing lol

    @Kylie: Get them! They are so worth it! Plus shipping barely takes a week! Never do they ever take that long! lol. At least for me XD & Yess! Natural lenses are fab!

    @Rae: Lol!! I managed to vacuum my room after my shower :D Yeh! GHD babbyyyyy! LOL Seriously, re-purchase one woman!

  10. It really makes your eyes look much bigger =P!

    I love the brown one a bit more =)!

  11. whoa thats cool, now i want adult brown :D butisn't it....really bad to flip the contacts tho >_<? my optometrist said its like wearing them inside out .

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