Monday, January 17, 2011

Calvin Klein Infinite Hydration Foundation Review

Hello everyone!

LONG time no update! Again T^T I am so so sorry! I am horrible at updating my blog, I know.. *sighs*

Anyway, today I would just like to review a new foundation for you! I picked this up while I was on my trip to Melbourne (side note: let me know if you want me to share photos of my trip on my blog!)

I was really surprised when I first saw this product as I never knew Calvin Klein had a makeup range! And also, it was in a kind of like cheap store? Not a department store or anything! So I thought.. why not just give it a try! Since it was only $24.95.

I picked up the foundation in 101 Soft Beige. It's like... a perfect match for my skin.
The foundation claims to be a moisturizing foundation hence why water is one of the biggest ingredients used to make this foundation!

Here are some pictures to show you how it looks like on my skin before and after.
My skin isn't perfect. I have lots of little blemishes and I have really uneven skin tone. So a good foundation to me has to be able to even out my skin tone and not be cakey.



It did a really good with evening out my skin tone. It also did a good job at concealing the redness around my nose area and on my cheeks. Also it gave a little bit of life to my face be hiding my under eye circles! Hahaha

The consistency of the foundation isn't runny, it's more of a firm liquid. It's very easy to apply onto the face. Here are some photos of it.


So as you can see the consistency is quite nice. I like that it's not too runny, that way when you apply it to the face, it will be less messy!

As for the packaging of the bottle, I think it's quite cute. It's a little heavy but that's all gravy!

^ Love that! It's such a sleek little accent to the bottle!

So far, I've been using this foundation for about a week. So for, no break outs! So that's a good thing! However, I have notice that this foundation fails at keeping me oil-free throughout the whole day. It does a good job at keeping my face oil-less for around.. 4-5 hours? without touch-up and no setting powder (i don't normally set my foundation). So I guess in a way it is pretty good. Even though it doesn't keep my oily-ness at bay, my face doesn't get
oily. If you get what I mean?

All in all, i think the oil control of this foundation is pretty good! However, it does not compare to my holy grail foundation - HERA HD Foundation.

This foundation is also fragrance free. So for those of youse who don't like products that have a scent, you are in luck! ;)

Also, another thing to mention is that, this foundation has a semi matte finish. It's not too matte, and not to dewy. However, if you asked me, I would say this foundation is more matte than dewy. Which isn't exactly what I like, since I like dewy finish foundations. I feel like it makes me look more.. Alive. :)

So my ratings for this foundation is

Packaging: 4.5/5
Performance: 4/5
Price: 4/5
Finish: 3.5/5

Anyway! This is it! I hope you enjoyed this post!

Cat. xoxo


  1. i can't really see any difference on your photo's though.. but i also didn't know that CK has makeup line xD nice packaging ^__^ thanks for the review

  2. I can't wait to try out the Hera foundation you love! would it be possible to you to get me their pressed powder too? :) The ck foundation has amazing coverage! the packaging is really cute too. Oh and I saw your pictures on facebook. It looks like you had an really good time in melbourne hehee

  3. Awesome reviewww!!
    I had no idea that CK had a makeup line and the package is so awesomeee *_*

  4. I've just ordered Calvin Klein Infinite Hydration Foundation in Warm Neutral on Amazon. It was just for 7 pounds so I checked the price on a regular cosmetic e-shop and it was way more expensive. And then I thought maybe I should look for some beautyblogger's advice or review to see if it's ok. So I found you and your review convinced me to give it a try:)

  5. It seems to be good but it does not create any reaction.

  6. Beautiful color match on your skin so natural looking