Monday, February 14, 2011

Target Bargain Haul!

Hello everybody!

It's been a while since my last haul post, so I thought I'd post about my recent makeup bargain findings!

The other day, (I think last Friday) I went shopping with one of my friends for a catch up session and we went into Target just.. for the sake of it I guess. On the way out, my friend (who is an expert at finding bargains lol) spotted a $3 & $5 table! She was like "OMG. WAIT!! CHECK THIS OUT" and started sabotaging the tables and tearing it apart hoping to see something she likes! haha
So of course, I also looked and funny enough, I ended up with my things than she did lol.

So here's what I got. I got all these for a whooping only $30 :P


I got:

3 Cover Girl TruShine Lipsticks (Which, BTW I LOVE, A LOT) ($5each)
1 Cover Girl Lipstain ($5)
3 Australis Eyeshadow Pens ($3each)
1 Australis Gel Liner ($3)

Now for some swatches..


Here are swatches of the Cover girl TruShine lipsticks, which I really really love. They are extremely hydrating. The feel like a water based lipbalm on the lips!!


They're the same lipstick, it's just the flash made them look different -_-"
This colour is called, Watermelon Shine. And let me tell you, it really does look like watermelon! It's a deep pink which is complemented by it's shine! It's soo beautiful!!


*Flash failed also, made the colour look completely different!
Anywho, this one is called, Petal Shine. It's a really beautiful nude with a shine! It's more of a ... warm skin nude. It looks really similar to my natural lip colour. I like it!


This one is called, Rosy Shine. It's a quite a nice, more mature colour. It has really micro sparkle particles in it. It's really beautiful under the light!

The next set of swatches are of the eyeshadow pens!


From left to right, swatched: Bohemian Chocolate, Deco & Avant-garde

I apologize that the swatched aren't the best. This was the best that my digi camera could take. I don't have my dSLR on me atm as my cousin keeps boring it from me -_-"
As you can see from the swatch, the shadows are kind of dry and bland. Nothing much to it. I guess it's worth the $3 bucks I spent though lol.

I didn't get swatches of the gel liner and the lipstain cause I got lazy x_x"
But here are product pictures!! :D


I'm wearing both products in the following pictures ^^

I used the lisptain as a blusher also LOL

But yeh, this is really it to my bargain finding! I am quite a happy chap! :P

Cat xox

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  1. oOh that watermelon shine looks delicious cathy!!! thanks for sharing ... i'm off to Target in my lunch break =DDD xo