Monday, February 28, 2011

Calvin Klein Eyeshadows

Hello everybody!

This post is long overdue! I've been putting it off because I've been soo.. unmotivate to blog. Ha, as always. :(

Anyhow, I went to lunch with one of my good friends a few weeks back and we popped into Chemist Warehouse. For those of those who don't know what Chemist Warehouse is, it's a chemist that sells stuff for discounted price. Amongst those 'stuff' there are high end and lot end make up products depending on what they carry!

As I was strolling the aisles, I saw a huge board that said "Calvin Klein Makeup - 3 FOR $20!"
So... you can guess what happened next, me - raging the bins/table finding something awesome ;] hehe

I manage to pick out three eyeshadows! I quite liked what I picked and I'm glad I bought then because my friend was standing next to my ear literally telling me NOT to get it hahah >.<


The packaging is quite nice! I really like it. It's clear detailing on the edge is super sleek! The packaging is a little ont he bulkier side, but it's a must for a high end brand I guess. Assumingly CK is a high end fashion brand ^.^

I picked up Lavender Haze, Smokey Grey and Chameleon

Here are some swatches!


Chameleon is a beautiful frosty off cream colour. Great for highlight uses. It is a close match to nude/skin color! I'm loving this shade for under brow bone highlight!


Smokey Grey is a Khaki/grey colour. It has visible silver mini sparkle particles to it. However, once swatched/or applied on the eyes, the sparkle glitter isn't very visible anymore.


Lavender Haze, my favorite of the bunch! It's a beautiful purple and it reminds me of the sun setting down. Kind of puts me in a lazy mode also because the color looks so relaxing! It's definitely a cool lilac colour! Me loveeeeee!


They aren't very pigmented once it's blended out, but I like it that way. It makes it a lot more wearable during the day. Especially the city I live in, where people judge you even when you dress nice, it's hard to wear a face full of makeup and not have people point fingers at you and talking about the amount of colour you've got on your eyes!

Overall, I like the quality of these shadows. They feel very velvety and apply on really smoothly! Definitely a steal for 3 FOR $20!!

Cathy xox


  1. hey cathy duno if u'd even see the reply comment if i commented after you on my page lol, but yeah i shop around everywhere really, usually op shops might have stuff goodwill and irving baby just gotta look through heapsa junk haha. I love the shades of these shadows :) haha and i still FAIL at eyeshadow >=[

  2. aw they look like really nice colours!

  3. Carmeleon is my favourite colour from the set you bought! :)

  4. hi cathy, this is a stunning post. I love these colours, especially your favourite 'lavender haze' x

    following you now, beth<3