Thursday, March 15, 2012

Singing My Blues

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Bardot blazer, local boutique blouse, Supre chiffon skirt, Zara heels, Sportgirls belt, Assorted accessories Colette&Lovisa, See by Chloe bag

Wore this to one of my friends 'garden' party last weekend. I was stunned by how beautiful my friends house was, his garden was like.. massive! It was so big and had all sorts of plants it reminded me of the botanic gardens! It was such a good night, even though I got my beloved Zara heels a little dirty :(
These Zara heels is currently one of my favorite pair of heels! I wear them quite often now, and I try to incorporate them into all my outfits! They were such an awesome purchase! So glad I bought them and didn't pass them up like I do to many other things I want to buy haha



  1. love the blues beautiful jacket and skirt!! when i read the title of ur post BIGBANG's song blues kept ringing in my mind lol

  2. This is a super cute outfit :) & I'm glad I am not the only with Big Bang's Blue stuck in my head haha

  3. The first pic is my fave! Go be a model Cathy!
    Loveee this outfit, it looks so good! The heels are so unique and fun are well!!

  4. Your shirt is super cute! Love your bag, the shoes is GORGZ!!!!!