Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Wine Lace

Top and shorts by Zara, Beets bootie, Asos cuff, Michael Kors Watch, Assorted Accessories, Marc by Marc Jacobs bag

Just some photos from my night out at the Garden of Unearthly Delights with the lovely Mikaela of fashionandlattes, Jody of Silkybow, and Karen of neraknguyen. It was such a nice night where we just mainly chilled and took gazillion photos! I'm a little sad that the Fringe is over now because it really brought life to little ol' Adelaide. Especially on the weekends at night! I haven't seen Adelaide so full of life and crowed with so many people at any other time during the year!



  1. Love your outfits! And I'm not sure if it's your camera or the location, but I really like the lighting in these photos too! :)

  2. Thanks Sue!! the festival had really nice yellow lighting, but on camera it made everything warm looking! I had to edit the lighting of these photos pretty hard LOL :P

  3. i really love ur wine shorts!! and the lace top is so pretty!