Thursday, August 9, 2012

Vampire Vision

Moms' Grey Sweater, Sheer Black Blouse, BlackMilk Cross of St Peters Tights, Zu Booties, Lovisa Accessories, Equip Sunnies

Hi guys *sheepish smile*. I apologise for my absence, it's been a heck of a busy two months! I recently started Uni again and working two jobs! Balancing definitely isn't one of my expertise but I'm working on it!
Wore this outfit to uni today as it reflects the weather perfectly. The weather has been quite bipolar lately with it sunny one minute and then the next its windy and pouring down with rain. I miss summer, I can't wait (hear me complain once summer does commence though)! I've been finding quite a few awesome pieces lately in my mums closet! This grey sweater was just hanging on the bathroom door so I decided to try and style it into something and I reckon I did a pretty decent job as it interpret my style pretty darn well :P These sunnies from Equip has been my love since I picked them up a few weeks ago! They have the perfect cateye shape and doesn't slip on my rather flat asian nose! Win! I'm always wearing sunnies, even in Winter as my eyes are rather weak and I'll be constantly squinting due to the bright daylight, ironic because my room is hecka bright! 

If you guys don't already know, I update my Twitter and Instagram quite often (a little to often) so do follow me '@cookieyurii' on those two if you haven't already! It makes up for my lack of post on this blog ehehe.


  1. CATHY what hair products do you use! Your hair looks so amazing and healthy!!!
    Also I love that necklace!

  2. Love your tights! and your necklace! xx danii

  3. nice sweater!
    maybe you like my style