Wednesday, August 29, 2012

What's In Your Bag?

1. YSL CHYC Inspired bag, Marc by Marc Jacobs wallet, iPhone 4s skull case from Gypsy Warrior, eQuip sunglasses, Mini hair-brush, Lady-Gaga Beats by Dr.Dre, Rosebud Salve lipbalm, Garnier Handcream.
2. Modella Makeup Bag, Bunch of lipsticks (changes according to the day), Kabuki brush, Benefit Pocketpal, Maybelline Masterliners, Dollywink Liquid Liner, Dior Addict hand mirror, MAC Mineralize SkinFinish Natural, Shu Uemura concealer, Rosebud Salve Lipbalm.

I've always been fascinated as to what people carry in their bags. Call me nosey but I'm just intrigued to see if people carry their whole life necessities around or just the bare minimum. As for me, I like to think I only carry around what I really need. I could probably live without my makeup bag... But then wouldn't it be weird for a girl who makes beauty videos on youtube not to carry around a makeup bag with her? :P

What do you carry around in your bag? I would love to know! 

1 comment:

  1. Cathy!!i want to have them all!!!
    btw can u pls do a post about what websites that u always go on to do ur online shopping?
    love ur style!!