Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Clear Cubed

Denim jacket from Forever New, Crop top from Bronzesnack, Skirt and heels from Zara

I am in love with this outfit! Everything besides from the denim jacket I got on my trip to Melbourne two weeks ago (wow, it's already been two weeks since my vacation :[ ). The skirt is such a beautiful piece and will definitely serve me well with summer closely approaching! The yellow crop top is seriously just so fun, and the material is so light so disregarding the fact that it's a long sleeve, it'll still be really good to wear in summer!

You guys probably have seen these heels everywhere on the blogsphere by now, it's the infamous Zara clear block heel! I've been waiting for suchhhh a long time for them to hit the Zara shelves here in Australia and it finally has hit! I nearly missed my chance on getting these babies! The effort definitely paid off though now that I've got my hands on them! I searched high and low in Melbourne for them, and they're just a inch too big for me but I don't even care! Hehehehe


  1. lovelt outfit, those shoes are stunning. love the color of the top c:

    1. thankyou so much! i love these shoes, def worth the hunt! thanks for your comment!

  2. Great outfit!

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