Thursday, September 27, 2012

Melbourne Instagram photo diary

1. First stop was of course, Starbucks! I miss you! 2. Pieface for breakfast! Overpriced pie, boo!

3. The best steak @ Rockpool, fine dining yo! 4. Dinner at Tiamo 1&2, best Moroccan chicken salad ever!

5. The knit club! Shopping at South Wharf DFO. 4. Dinner outfit for Rockpool fine dining! Beautiful new Zara skirt

5. Yumcha for lunch @ Dragon Boat! Amazing, best yumcha to date! 6. Indian for dinner @ Chilipadi, meals for the last day :(

7. Starbucks galore, I had one everyday! 8. Soju along side Korean BBQ, the Mango soju was amazing!

9. TOPSHOP! Soo excited! 10. Labelle Miette Macarons, freaking amazing! 
Their blueberry and salted caramel was the bomb diggity!

11. Korean BBQ @ Hwaro. 12. Japanese BBQ @ Shou Sumiyaki. All sorts of Asian BBQ, so amazing!

13. With the lovely Chloe from Chloe's Addiction ! She was so lovely to come out and meet up with me! It was lovely to meet you Chloe ♥

So this is a quick summary of my 5 day trip to Melbourne! I miss the place so much! Can't wait to go back, it was such a nice getaway trip! 

If you guys want, you guys can follow me on instagram (@cookieyurii) for daily updates! I update my instagram pretty often.. a little too often at times... Guiltyyyy!


  1. It seems that you had a good time in Melbourne :)!
    I love yumcha and BBQ :D! Shou Sumiyaki is one of my favorites <3

    1. I had a fantastic time in Melbourne! Miss it dearly!
      Shou Sumiyaki was amazing, so yummy!!

  2. seems like you did your research before coming down c: loved all your outfits! i'm addicted to instagram too :P

    1. I guess you could say that! I mainly just asked my friends who lived in Melb for places to go! hehe

  3. Come back soooooooooon! You look amazing everydayyy! And so much good foods nomnom!

  4. alll the food looks so yummy!! and you look amazing! love ur hair!

  5. OMG where did you get the mango soju from <3_<3