Thursday, May 20, 2010

New Tony Bianco Heels (again) + Bargin!

Hello everyone!

So I mentioned in my last post that I had another pair of Tony Bianco heels comming in from Melbourne ... and yep! You guessed it! ahaha :P It came in the mail today! Yay! *dances* hehe! So here are some pictures!


and also the magical price of...


Also $60!!! Awsome or what!?! haha though I had to pay an extra $12.95 for postage but still, that is still below the orginal price! The original price stands at $179.95AUD! Muahahha! Such a good deal! Had to get it!
So happy they had these in my size, been eyeing these for the longest time! The last time there was a sale at Tony Bianco, the same style was on sale but in suede blue and that was hot but it would've been hard to match with clothes so I didn't get it! But now! Hahaha the nude patent ones are on sale teehee!

So... the other bargin I got was a fedora that I purchased for $2.20AUD LOL! When i looked at the pricetag I was like.. the heck, you've got to be kidding me, and I thought they must've mislabled it somehow, but I checked all the other hats that was the same style, and nope! Not a mistake LOL it was clearly printed on all the hats it was $2.95, and because it was a sale item, there was a further 30% discount! LOL SO in the end I got the hat for $2.20 :D muahaha

SO here is the hat XD


Haha, love the price tag :D from $39.95 down to $2.20, can't beat that!

And just to show the hat on;


Obviously not the best outfit (my school uniform) to wear it with LOL but still its such a pretty colour! I'm glad it wasn't some ugly weird colour! haha

AND!! An exciting news, well it's exciting for me and it may be exciting for those of you'se who are fans of K-pop - especially SNSD/Girls'Generation and 2PM fans! I'm a fan of both group, though I love SNSD more LOL! Weird that I like a girl group more than the boy group? :P Anyway.. back on track LOL the Cabi CF (Commercial Film) for Caribbean Bay Theme Park has finally been released! So much skin showing LOL

My favourite scene would have to be the locker scene. Especially with all the abs and stuff LOL I love Yuri's attitude walk in the locker room, Seohyun's hair.. stroke back thing(?) and I also like the scene where Yoona and Seohyun were just looking at each other then they both turn away with the "pfft, I'm hotter than you" attitude ekekeke! The 2PM boys were hot too! flexing their abs and all! LOl

So here's the MV and I hope you fans enjoy it as much as me XD!

And.. this is it for this post! I'll be back with a tutorial soon. I promise ^^

Cathy. xoxox