Tuesday, May 18, 2010

New Tony Bianco Heels + Straight from Paris?

Hi everyone!

Yesterday (Monday), after my mother picked me up from school I told her to take me to harbour town as I saw on the Tony Bianco website that there was a sale going on and the pair of heels that I've been dying for was on sale for only $60AUD! However, online, my size was sold out (-_-) so in deperate times, I went all the way to the stores to get it. BUT! to my unfortunate luck, my size wasn't instock at the store either. Totally a fml situation haha, kidding. I asked the girl if she could contact any other stores to see if they had my size. Funny thing is, we only have one Tony Bianco store here where I live so she had to call interstates, which means I have to pay for the shipping. But whatever, desperate as I am I agreed, and WHOLA! They had my size thank the lord. However, I did manage to pick out a pair of heels while at the TB store in harbour town so yep! :D


and the magical price of...


Today, at school, my ESL teacher who was on travel leave came back from her trip to Italy and France and she was nice enough to bring us back gifts! She got us gifst from Paris (which in my opinion is great, since I think I have a greater... liking for Paris than Italy/Rome)

Here is what she got us (each one of us in the class keke, which was around 6~7 of us I think)


The little bottle thing is actually a purfume ^^ It's so small and cute! Just showing you how small it is keke


Cute? I say so!

And thats it to this post! I hope everyone has a lovely Wednesday!

Cathy. xoxox

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