Sunday, May 16, 2010


Hi everyone~

I know I haven't been posting a lot of interesting post but please bear with me~ haha
So I've decided tthat, in order to post more frequently I should so little mini post in between my bigger and longer post. What do you guys think? :) let me know haha

Anyway, for now, I'll just do a post on my NOTD + FOTD. Cool? Cool. LOL

I recently bought 4 nail polishes from Morning Glory. LOL Yes, how asian of me. I know but bleh! they were only 4.95AUD each and if u buy three, you get one free lol. So yep sortve like a deal I guess. :)

The quality of the polishes are quite good. the colour payout is good after around 2 coats. However, the downside is that it doesn't dry quickly enough. But the range of colours is really big so thats good ^^

Anyway here:

From L-R: Sparkle Blue, Glossy Jade Green, Smoky Pinkpearl & Milkbaby Lavender

I have Glossy Jade Green on my nails.


I really like these polishes, they are much better than the other line of polishes that Morning Glory carries, and these only cost $1 more. So.. Why not right? ahaha

And, as for FOTD, yaaa yan~ lol


I took it on a weirdish setting so you can't see my makeup~ :P
When I went out on friday night with some friends :)

+ another FOTD since I like this photo :D:D


Thats all for now~

Cathy. xoxo


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